Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekend in Review

I live for the weekend. While I was writing this last night, I  remembered it was only Monday and I felt like punching myself in the face. I've been trying to do lots of stuff with Kid A every weekend, since I feel like we really don't get to spend any quality time together during the week. This weekend was packed with fun stuff!

Saturday we put in some lake time with friends, including Kid's BFF.

These guys are like peas and carrots

KVB teaches Kid A to hail a cab
Then Sunday, we ventured into the city to spend the day with mommy's BFF, KVB. I was nervous about bringing him to the city, only because I wasn't sure how we would get around. I had visions of me sliding down the subway steps on my ass with a folded stroller tumbling down on top of me.
I got this

Apparently it's ok to ride in cabs without a car seat, so thank god for that. And luckily, Kid A adapted to city life pretty quickly. He was hailing cabs for us five minutes into the trip!

We stopped for lunch at Shake Shack, and I might have peed my pants a little bit when I saw the custard flavor of the day was heirloom tomato. I love weird ice cream flavors so much, and this did not disappoint. I will find out how to make this or die trying.

This is what ice cream looks like in heaven

Then, because 18 month old Kid wouldn't stop begging, we went to Eataly. I guess he's always wanted to check this place out because he's heard so much awesome stuff about it. He was all, "Ma! Pleeeeeeease can we go here so I can buy some truffles and some $20 honey or something? Pleeeeeease!" Who am I to say no to that, right? Let's just say it's a good thing this place is nowhere near where I live, because if it was, it's a pretty safe bet that most of my income would be going towards the food here.

For being a good sport, we followed up Eataly with a stop at the Central Park Zoo. What a great place! Kid's excitement was immediately fueled by a spotting of his two favorite monsters at the gates.

C is for Crappy Costume!
 And then... Meltdown!
I don't know what happened here. I guess he got star struck.

Inside the zoo we saw the cutest polar bear, went to the petting zoo, and were lucky enough to catch the sea lion show on the way out. And that was when I decided that I need both a polar bear and a sea lion for pets. They could live in my bathroom, right?

Kid A, not so sure about the goats...
On the way back to KVB's place, after a couple of trips up and down the block in the right, then wrong, then right direction, we stopped in FAO Schwarz. I was only planning on checking out the windows, but I just had to take Kid in. How could I not? I saw a $1200 life-size stuffed pony, and now my life is complete. We hit up the famous giant piano, which can be yours for just $250,000!

I know what you're thinking, and yes, we did play Heart and Soul together...

Picture this, but way more awesome and with less baby corn and no Zoltar
After that we were all pretty much shot. I attempted to get some dinner into Kid, but he wasn't having it. He passed out as soon as I got him strapped into his car seat for the long ride home. We had a great weekend!

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