Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whip it out Wednesday

If you’re not me you can skip this section. With my last pregnancy I didn’t really keep track of anything that was going on. At the time I didn’t think I would want to remember, but it’s now all just a blur of fat, hormones and yeast infections to me. This time is gonna be different!!

Six weeks pregnant

Date: 8/15

Weight: 151 pounds

My baby is the size of a: sweet pea

What I’m craving: nothing. I didn’t crave anything last time either. 

How I’m feeling: I can't stand this question, but everyone asks it. Physically, I feel great so far. I worked out yesterday and even though I cheated a little bit on the cardio because I forget how high you’re supposed to let your heart rate get, I had plenty of energy and I wasn’t tired at all afterwards. Emotionally, I’d say I’m doing ok too. I can’t tell if my bitchiness is normal or pregnancy-related. I guess you could say I’ve been a little moody. Mr. F would definitely say that. 

Symptoms: Just yesterday, my boobs started to get a little hurty. That’s all though besides a twinge of forgetfulness.

Preg Dreams: God, is there anything more boring than hearing about someone else’s dreams? That’s why I advised you skip this section if you’re not me. I decided to record my pregnancy dreams though, just in case Spielberg is reading this looking for ideas. You know those dreams where you’re running and not getting anywhere? Last night I dreamed that I was shaving my armpits and the hair wasn’t going away. So frustrating! Seriously… Steven Spielberg, if you’re interested in developing this as a screenplay, contact my people.

Thoughts/feelings about the baby: Well, I keep forgetting I’m pregnant at this point in the game. I haven’t really done any deep thinking about baby #2 yet. It’s too early in the game to start letting panic set in. However, we were at a family part this weekend and had not yet told anybody I was pregnant. I was sitting at the table with Kid A and another little girl, about four years old, and she turned to me and said, “You know, having two babies is really hard.” Not really sure what to think about that. Did she know something? How the hell did she know? What if she’s right???

Anything big happen this week? We told our families the news. You know the deal.

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