Monday, September 10, 2012

How was your weekend? Yo Gabba Edition

After taking a little hiatus and getting my brain and feelings back in check, I'm back. And I'm ready to make this blog awesome. But for now it will just be awesome for me. I know nobody cares about what I did over the weekend, but this is my blog and I do what I want.

This weekend a friend of mine got us tickets to a Yo Gabba Gabba concert at Sesame Place. I have found in my one and a half short years of parenthood that  people either really really love it or they can't stand it. I really really REALLY love it. I think DJ Lance Rock is a musical genius. Kid A could take it or leave it, but since his mom loves it, he has to take it. Confession time: sometimes after I drop him off on my way to work I keep the YGG Pandora station on. Shut up.

We got a late start to the day, but we're all ok with that. It fit in perfectly with Kid's naptime. We started off the adventure with a visit to Elmo's World, where we saw Mr. Noodle's nephew, Mr. Noodle. I thought it was really cute, Kid A didn't seem too impressed. Especially for a kid who's obsessed with Elmo. I was surprised at his non-reaction, but I think maybe a gigantic Elmo is just a lot to take in.

After that, Mr. F took him on a ride that he was really too small to enjoy. We walked around a bit and saw the sights, and then had a seat on a shady bench to have a snack. Kid's favorite -

I knew he would have a better time in the water park. He loves swimming. So we headed over to that section of the park and hopped on the lazy river. Mr. F reminded me repeatedly that I was going to be floating around in a pool of other people's fluids, and that my reply of, "So what, there's so much chlorine in there" was invalid. But I still don't care. I'm ok with floating around in other people's pee I guess.

Me and my child in a sea of pee
After splashing around for a bit, we dried off and got changed and had some gross dinner. It was actually better than I expected food would be at Sesame Place, but still not good at all. We didn't go there for fine dining though. We ate as much as we could before getting grossed out and then Kid A was lucky enough to meet some of his favorites! If you recall from a couple weekends ago, his track record with meeting characters is not so hot. But this time it wasn't so bad!

He was actually really excited to see Bert and Ernie. And he didn't freak out at all when we got close! While I find it hilarious that he freaks out, I was happy he was pretty calm this time. I guess really big B & E make more sense to him than giant Elmo. Not pictured: meeting Cookie Monster and very mildly freaking out. He was ok at first, but then he got a good look at Cookie up close. Cookie tried to high five him, and he swatted the poor guy's hand away.

The day was winding down and the line for the YGG show stretch all the way to the back of the park. It was ok though because we got a decent view. I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I almost peed my pants when DJ Lance came out. I thought it would be some kind of imposter, but it was really him! And I was so excited! Everyone was laughing at me and my friend as we belted out the songs and danced around while our kids clearly could not have cared less about the whole thing.

It's time to DANCE!
Sorry for the crappy picture quality. I will forever be one of those jerks who thinks my iPhone makes me some kind of artsy photographer. Anyway, to end the night we caught the parade down Sesame Street. At this point in the day, Kid A was pretty warmed up to the idea of things so he was really excited.

He spotted Big Bird!
I'll leave you with that visual and a promise to start taking better quality pictures in the not too distant future. I don't normally compare my parenting to others, but for some reason I kept noticing all these moms with really high tech cameras around their necks and I felt like a failure for a minute. But then I just decided to be honest with myself. I am a horrible photographer and no $1500 piece of equipment is going to change that, so I might as well keep taking my shitty pictures with something that lets me also text my friends. And also... instagram.

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