Monday, October 28, 2013

Ode to the Homemade Halloween Costume: Part Two

I thought I had something to do today but I couldn’t think of what it was. It was bothering me and bothering me, and then I remembered that I wanted to rig up a Wile-E Coyote-esque trap to kill the deer that ate my pumpkins and all my parsley last night. Do you think that would work? I think it would but Mr. F is not on board.

That wasn’t it though. Even after I remembered about my plan, I still had a nagging feeling that I was supposed to do something. And then it came to me that I wanted to finish this post that I started writing a year ago.

So where was I? Oh... right. Everyone has that span of time where they’re too cool to dress up for Halloween, but you always come back, one way or another. I came back with a whorey vengeance, making up for all those years I wasn’t allowed to trash it up on Halloween. If memory serves, I brought back the black cat of my childhood a few times with an extra shot of slut and boob-showing. I think there may have been a slutty devil in there somewhere too. But eventually I got it out of my system and found my way back home to the land of weird and obscure costumes, right where I belong.

I dressed up as Prince, which freaked out so many people. I actually went out in public like this. Sadly, I think this crappy picture is the only one that exists.

I don't have to be beautiful to turn you on

I found this dress at the Salvation Army in July one year, and I could not believe someone would get rid of it. I think I may have squealed and jumped up and down when I saw it hanging on the rack of musty smelling, lice encrusted cast-offs. It called my name. I’m not kidding. Last weekend, because I am the biggest nerd alive, I had a discussion with Mr. F about why it's important to commit to your Halloween costume. I cut bangs for this one. I love Halloween.

Another terrible picture, but you can see my sweet flip phone!
 Do you recognize it? If you do, high fives.

Then came Before & After Britney Spears. Because I clearly don’t have any problem with making a fool of myself in public, I graciously let my friend be the Before version.

Whatever. It was culturally relevant at the time
Getting Mr. F (when I was pre-Mrs. F) to dress up like Zack Morris was a hard sell. I still can’t figure that one out because it was an awesome idea. To this day, this is one of my favorite costumes. Check out that Zack Morris phone!

Always culturally relevant
Oh, and speaking of making a fool of myself in public, there was that time I dressed up for work and nobody else dressed up. I know what you’re thinking. “Haha Kate! Just like that episode of Modern Family!” Yeah. Just like that episode of Modern Family. Except instead of a cute Spiderman costume, I wore this:

Culturally relevant in 1982
I don’t like to get political, but I do like making fun of people. So this costume happened.

The back says 'Maverick'
This is what I wore this year to a costume party. I love this show and I love Zooey Deschanel and I want to be her in real life. Creepy skin-suit style.

Remember how I said I owe it all to my parents? Probably not because it was a year ago. Well anyway, they showed up this year, too!

Must see TV

So there you go. I finally followed up my ode to the homemade Halloween costume. Who says I never finish anyth

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  1. everyone wants to try different things and costumes at Halloween every year. the pictures shared by you are cool plus spooky and it gives some idea to us for dressing up for this event!


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